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Renowned architect Frida Escobedo brings a refreshingly unique cultural addition to New York City

The quaint residential block of Bergen Street welcomes Taller Frida Escobedo’s first-ever condominium residence. Driven by neighborhood context, the facade takes inspiration from the quintessential bay window brownstones adorning the neighborhood, interpreting the geometry and materiality in a contemporary and intentional manner. Access to the neighborhood is available from both Dean Street and Bergen Street. The East and West wings look out to spacious landscaped outdoor gardens. Composed from custom hand-made geometric modules, a humble yet elegant form, the facade promotes the philosophy of complexity in simplicity.

Building Massing: A rhythmic form inspired by historic brownstones

The building’s architectural rhythm transitions pace from activated street to domestic refuge. The crafted, natural masonry folds, stacks, and interlocks, to create the porous brick lattice structures seen throughout Bergen; a variety of dynamic conditions that allow for light, shadow, and air to seep through its design. A balance of connection between the indoors and outdoors.

Like many brownstones, recessed gardens follow the Bergen Street facade, creating layers of privacy at ground level while enhancing the overall landscape design.

Bergen Street Facade

East and West wings flank the Glass House, creating dynamic symmetry that is intentional and functional. The building was designed to maximize sunlight throughout the course of the day, with each wing facing towards their respective exposure, as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

Architecture & Neighborhood

Layering & Folding

A layered massing study, created by Taller Frida Escobedo, was used to develop Bergen's fundamental shape, form, size, and envelope.


Found throughout Bergen, porous interlocking modules are utilized as partitions and dividing elements, creating dynamic conditions for ever-changing light, shadow, and air.

Dean Street High School

The lapped and layered exterior brick detail draws local inspiration from Dean Street High School located just across the street.

Materiality: Contextual & Natural

Hand-made cast concrete modules take inspiration from the earthy tones of brownstone Brooklyn. Familiar and domestic in scale, the modules establish a presence that preserves intimacy, and echo Bergen’s philosophy of simplicity with the repetition of a single form that becomes dynamic and complex.

Complexity in Simplicity

Frida Escobedo established her eponymous studio, Taller Frida Escobedo, in Mexico City in 2006. Her practice defies the traditional boundaries of the discipline, operating at a wide array of scales and mediums, from buildings and experimental preservation projects to temporary installations and public sculpture, limited edition objects, publications, and exhibition design.


“Simplicity came in the shape of a module that would give a sense of scale.”

Frida Escobedo