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Taller Frida Escobedo

Architectural Design

Frida established her eponymous studio in Mexico City in 2006. Her practice defies the traditional boundaries of the discipline, operating at a wide array of scales and mediums, from buildings and experimental preservation projects to temporary installations and public sculpture, limited edition objects, publications, and exhibition design. Most recently, she was appointed as the architect to design the new Modern & Contemporary Wing for The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, becoming the youngest and first woman to design a building for the institution.


Interior Design

Workstead is a multidisciplinary studio celebrated by the AD100 as a global leader in design, for the third consecutive year. Through its Brooklyn-based Buildings & Interiors studio, overseen by principal Ryan Mahoney, Workstead makes residential and hospitality spaces that are modern in function, respectful of history, and welcoming to all comers. From their office, more than 15 professionals create one-of-a-kind buildings and interiors that are comprehensive in vision and exacting in detail. In small- and large-scale work alike, Workstead employs a disciplined design process that melds precedent, modern form, and honest construction. Representing both familiarity and reinvention, our work resonates with individual clients and commercial audiences over years of use. Workstead's efforts reflect its values of belonging, beauty, and necessity.

DXA Studio

Master Planning & Landscape Design

DXA Studio is a New York City-based architecture and landscape firm whose work masterfully and consistently strikes a balance between seemingly opposing forces. DXA Studio’s projects combine the art with the science of architecture, design innovation with technical excellence, contemporary considerations with a sense of craft, and a modern outlook with a respect for history and context. By capitalizing on these discoveries, the site, program and unique opportunities of each project, DXA produces creative solutions and distinctive design work that consistently outperforms expectations.

Patrick Cullina

Landscape Design

Patrick Cullina is an award-winning horticulturist, landscape designer, and organizational consultant with more than twenty-five years of experience in the landscape field. He runs a design and consulting business that is dedicated to the innovative and sensitive integration of plants and materials into a diverse range of compelling designs – drawing inspiration from both the natural world and constructed environments alike. Cullina has collaborated with DXA Studio on notable projects including The Highline and Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Avdoo & Partners


Avdoo & Partners Development is a multi-disciplinary real estate development and investment firm, which has developed more than 2 million square feet over the last two decades, cultivating a broad portfolio across multiple asset categories including substantial residential and mixed-use projects. With a growing team of over 50 people, the company is currently developing over 1 million square feet across four mixed-use projects in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Avdoo and Partners’ senior management has over 100 years of combined experience in acquisitions, construction, leasing, and asset management. The firm’s in-house team integrates each element of the development cycle, from acquisition and design through construction, marketing, and stabilization to build projects that speak to the community and fit into the architectural fabric of the neighborhoods they enhance.

Pandiscio Green

Branding & Creative Direction

Established in 1997, Pandiscio Green is an interdisciplinary creative studio with work spanning creative direction, brand creation, graphic and architectural design, and strategic consulting. Based in New York and California, Pandiscio Green collaborates with daring visionaries and bright minds in hospitality, real estate, technology, consumer products, and arts and culture to turn wild dreams and innovative ideas into enduring, impactful brands. A diverse mix of designers, architects, and strategists, the studio is recognized for its distinctive process of storytelling and world-building, delivering tailor-made brands in impeccable outfits.